Vassaltis Vineyards

Vassaltis Vineyards

Since day one, Vassaltis Winery’s guiding principles were to combine traditional winemaking with the operational needs of a sleek, state-of-the-art winery capable of yielding exceptional wines that showcase the best of Santorini.

In the winery, they employ a variety of winemaking techniques like battonage, oak maturation, and controlled oxidation to draw out sophisticated qualities. They aim to achieve ageability for their wines; but only through work in the vineyard and through grape handling techniques at harvest.

Vassaltis believe that they owe it to previous generations to keep the rich wine tradition of the region alive, and to deliver this tradition to the next generation in an environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable way as possible.

Vassaltis Vineyards

Santorini, Greece

Archaeological findings show that viticulture was present on Santorini prior to the 17th century B.C. volcanic explosion that devastated the island. Where vines once grew around the prehistoric Akrotiri settlements, only lava and ash remained for centuries. Dorian colonists from Sparta reclaimed the island circa 1200 B.C., bringing with them vines which they planted in the volcanic soils.

Vine growing and winemaking have endured uninterrupted since the island’s resettlement. Not only did the newly planted vines brought by the Dorians learn how to adapt to the volcanic soils, so too did the people working with the grapes learn how to adapt their methods. They taught themselves how to weave living vines into low basket shapes to protect the grapes from the punishing northern winds that tear through the vineyards and to trap moisture from morning fogs to nourish the vines. Not even the phylloxera epidemic of the early 20th century AD that destroyed most European vineyards halted wine production on Santorini, thanks to the island’s infertile, sandy soils.

The island is home to many old, ungrafted vines; in some cases vines sitting on 200-year-old roots! The kouloura basket vine weaving techniques are still employed and that, combined with the age of many of the vines, earned PDO Santorini the first designation of origin in Greece to be included in the National Index of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The island is also home to a vast array of indigenous grape varieties. Assyrtiko remains the dominant one followed by Mandilaria, Aidani, Athiri, and Mavrotragano, but those aren’t the only grapes that grow here. More than 30 different “traditional” white and red varieties can be found on the island such as Katsano, Voudomato, Platani, Voudomato, Mavrathiro

Vassaltis Vineyards

Wines from Vassaltis Vineyards

Plethora 2020

Plethora is Vassaltis' tribute to the past generations who kept the wine making traditions alive in Santorini. Vinified in the way our ancestors used to do it, we collect over ripe golden berries of pure Assyrtiko, ferment and age them in large oak barrels which aren’t topped up. An exquisite wine for a special crowd, Plethora is exactly what it says on the label. Only 2400 bottles produced.

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Santorini 2022

Vassaltis considers the PDO Santorini to be the most representative wine of the island’s terroir. An explosive bouquet on the nose with immense complexity on the palette and a long finish make this stunning wine pleasurable with or without food.


Barrel Aged Santorini 2021

It is often said that the use of oak in Assyrtiko wines covers the grape’s volcanic nature and should therefore be avoided. However, Vassaltis takes a delicate approach, using neutral barrels and lees ageing to create a perfectly balanced wine with great complexity and great ageing potential.

3 cases

Gramina 2021

100% Assyrtiko that spends 12 months on fine lees, Gramina is an astonishingly elegant wine that exhibits all the unique characteristics of the variety. A thing of beauty.

4 cases

Nassitis 2022

We love to call Nassitis the “alter-ego” of our Santorini PDO wines. The presence of the island’s two lesser known varieties, Aidani and Athiri add wonderful freshness, without stealing the glory from the mineral full-bodied character of the wine. The result is a delicious, versatile wine typical ofSantorini, ideal for the long, warm summer days by the sea and nights under the stars.

10 cases

Mavrotragano 2020

A very special red grape variety indigenous to the island of Santorini but rapidly gaining recognition around Greece. Mavrotragano may be an island wine, but it is one that shows off the serious and gritty side of life on a volcanic island.

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