Oenops Wines

Oenops Wines

The Guardian’s David Williams highlighted Oenops as “the perfect introduction” to Greek wines. A country, he says, with “an absolute trove of distinctive wine that has never quite made it over the line into mainstream acceptance in the UK.” The exceptional range of wines from Oenops is changing that perception. They are made by Nikos Karatzas. He works as a negociant, sourcing indigenous and rare grape varieties grown on excellent terroir by passionate grape growers across the country.

Oenops Wines

Drama, Greece

Nestled in northeast Greece near the border with Bulgaria, the Drama wine region combines a rich history of winemaking with a unique terroir, producing wines with distinct character and regional identity.

Oenops Wines

Wines from Oenops Wines

Rawditis 2021

30 day skin contact white made from the indigenous grape Roditis
Orange in appearance, unfiltered, no sulphites, no machinery

17 cases
Sold Out

Limniona 2020

Rare indigenous red varietal, aged 10 months in clay, unfiltered

2 cases

Xinomavraw 2021

Indigenous red from Naoussa, nothing added, no machinery, 6 months clay amphora, unfiltered, no sulphites added